About Bishofit

15 years ago bishofit - mineral of the Ancient Sea, in which life on the Earth was engendered - was discovered from the bowels of Poltava..

What is Poltavskiy Bishofit famous for?


  • Bedding of the mineral layer is the deepest in the world - 2,5 km

    Firstly, such mineral was discovered by German geologist Gustav Bishof, and it is named “bishofit” in honour of its discoverer. The information about bishofit deposits in the world, their differences and compositions is located on Wikipedia.

  • Poltavsky Bishofit is the geological analogue of the Dead Sea, but in contrast to its minerals Bishofit has more complex mineral composition and so stronger health-improving and prophylactic properties.

Quantitative Composition of the Minerals:

100 gr/l
50 mg/l
5 gr/l
3600 mg/l
Cu Fe Mn Se Mb Si Ag Au

    Due to magnesium-depended effects clarification, and all minerals and microelements interaction is explained bishofit action. Why it has more than 10% of pure magnesium in its content, and also micro- and ultra microelements – iodine, bromine, zinc, manganese, silicon, silver, selenium and many others.

    Interaction of all bishofit minerals causes its many-sided biological effects:

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